Controlling the noise of open spaces

It’s widely accepted that noise increases stress levels, leading to higher blood pressure and associated illnesses. Wayflor uses Soundweave™ technology to diffuse, and even absorb noise. This non-woven backing combines with our distinctive woven textile surfaces in an holistic approach to reducing the stressful effects of environmental noise.

More inviting public and retail spaces

With a reduction of as much as 20dB, Soundweave™ reduces noise from footsteps, machinery, voices and other background noise. People feel invited and welcome, supporting greater interactions.

More efficient workspaces

With the sound defusing effects of Soundweave™ technology in play, you can balance the effect of soaring ceilings, hard surfaces and open floor plans. Now nothing detracts from the appeal of your space. As a bonus, Soundweave™ technology can reduce fatigue with its enhanced underfoot comfort.

Bring more than just your great design to a space

Bring calm.
Bring focus.
Be a power for good.

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