Pursuing sustainability means never compromising

Look Good. Be well.

For over fifty years, we’ve worked to perfect a continual cycle of environmental, social and economic improvements. The work continues.

As you’d expect, we source only the best environmentally low-impact materials to create beautiful products. We’re also always exploring ways to eliminate manufacturing waste. Success is measured by our ability to reduce Wayflor’s environmental footprint while improving quality. That’s why we invite third parties to certify and monitor our pursuit of ever-higher standards.

By understanding what our clients require, we’re better able to focus efforts improving our processes to meet the stringent global standards of today and conquer the challenges of tomorrow. We take community and communication very seriously.

Perhaps most important to our sustainability commitment is how our products perform over time. Products that maintain a “like new” appearance with vibrant color, stable structure and cleanability. After all, every year a floor is in service represents maximizing performance for you, even as it reduces pressure to consume new materials in manufacturing.

We create a large impression through Good Design, and a small footprint through Manufacturing Best Practices.

With our “resource effectiveness program” we maximize the performance of all products while minimizing the use of raw materials.  Through our woven construction  and choice of materials Wayflor Woven Luxury products out performs and maintains its looks longer than conventional textile flooring.  Our tight weave layer with Easy Care Coating limits signs of wear, flattening, or dulling making them the perfect choice for high-traffic commercial installations.

With our products being an almost singular material construction we are able to capture, process and re-use our production waste by integrating it into the backing layers.  We continuously research and develop design and manufacturing methods to reduce our internal waste with a goal of zero waste.

Our raw material, PVC, is made of 57% salt and 43% oil and through a chemical processes, forms a polymer. The use of salt, significantly lessens fossil raw material required when compared to other flooring products.  Our products are 100% free from phthalate softeners and heavy metal stabilizers.  The softener we use is non-hazardous and is approved for use in medical packaging and children’s toys. The unique PVC polymer structure also makes it 100% recyclable multiple times after each long useful life.

Our tight weave layer with Easy Care Coating are impervious and resilient against almost any spill and will not allow dirt or germs to hide.  Maintenance is easily performed with a vacuum, brush, mop, or clean water.  Our products dramatically reduce the use of chemical agents unless a specific cleaning regiments are required.


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