Indoor Environment

Indoor Environment

Healthier floors call for technically superior materials

Our world without plastics is unimaginable. A laptop on the desk, a TV on the wall and a credit card in the wallet would not exist. Cars would weigh more and consume much more fuel. Even smartphones with glass or metal exteriors would not function without plastic components inside. As essential as these products have become in everyday life, one area greatly relies on plastics: in healthcare to help inhibit and stop the spread of pathogens.

Achieving vibrant, healthy interiors starts with a superior material. For Wayflor USA, that’s phthalate-free polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Found in everyday objects from cables to clothing to car parts—and the material of choice for healthcare devices, packaging and personal protective equipment—PVC’s versatility is matched only by its durability. We developed as close to a 100% PVC component product as possible, manufacturing to the highest standards for performance, ease of maintenance, sustainability practices and environmental impact.

We find phthalate-free PVC’s technical properties are ideal for wall covering and flooring that need to be impervious to liquids and chemicals:

– Waterproof

– Colorfast

– Easy maintenance

– Naturally insulating

– Very resistant to tears and scratches

– Relatively small resource footprint

– 100% recyclable

Our woven luxury vinyl floors also improve acoustics and underfoot comfort, making healthcare and other commercial settings a more pleasant place for visitors and staff alike.

Good Design

Wayflor’s integrated sustainable design practices establish the balance between the ultimate product performance and the conservation of raw materials. Wayflor products are tested and retested to assure reliability and aesthetic integrity in the most demanding commercial setting while minimizing the environmental impact. 

Easy Care

The upper wear layer of Wayflor USA flooring is non-porous, creating a tight surface that prevents dust and dirt from building up. And because it also stops microbes from breeding, it plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of infections. Plain water will clean nearly 100% of Wayflor USA flooring (with the Easy Care process), though it can easily endure the most rigorous cleaning regiments you may require. 


You can depend on the construction of Wayflor Woven Luxury Vinyl tile, with its dense single component surface and backing, for long life, even under hard wear. It eliminates the need for polish and sealers, and reduces maintenance costs. With a 15-year commercial wear warranty, Wayflor USA flooring is a natural choice for healthcare and other commercial interiors where durability 

Acoustical and 
Slip Resistant 
Technology, chemistry and design come together to create a surface that’s as stable and slip resistant as it is beautiful. And the noise-absorbing properties of Wayflor USA flooring make even the busiest environments less chaotic.
air quality

Our floorings are inherently hypoallergenic which ensures for better indoor air quality. Our floorings are also free from hazardous plasticizers and stabilizers dramatically limiting the emission of VOC (Volatile organic compounds) over the product’s lifetime. 

Reduced Cost
of Ownership
Low installation cost, enhanced durability and Easy Care maintenance makes Wayflor USA flooring a smart cost-effective choice, a crucial factor during in a time with rising pressure on healthcare and other commercial budgets.

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