Healthy floors:
Not just for healthcare anymore

A healthy environment for staff and visitors begins with healthy floors. That’s why we make them hygienic from the inside out, seal them well, and ensure they’re tough enough to handle whatever cleaning regime you need to throw at them.

Antimicrobial protection begins with our fibers
Before they’re woven into our distinctive floor designs, each Wayflor vinyl fiber gets the benefit of Sanitized® protection. You can expect lifetime performance free of odor and microbial colonization. Sanitized® brings 85 years of expertise in protecting against bacteria, mildew and mold, algae and all manner of unhygienic microbes. By embedding protection into each individual fiber—and also all backing materials—Wayflor products get off to a healthy head start.
A tough, effective waterproof seal
An easy-to-clean, waterproof seal is key factor in creating floors fit for even demanding healthcare and hospitality installations. Wayflor, in partnership with PPG, rises to the occasion with EZ Care, a multilayered coating. EZ Care dramatically limits soil, germs and other foreign substances from attaching or hiding on the surface—or penetrating the backing.
Hardy enough to handle bleach disinfecting without color change
Wayflor’s nearly 100% one-component construction and EZ Care coating enables disinfection without damage or discoloration with a one minute application of a 50:1 water/bleach solution. Hydrogen peroxide may be used in facilities which are bleach free. Regular cleaning makes for a longer lasting floor, whether your environment requires just a duster, or perhaps water-only, or full-on disinfecting. In between, you enjoy constant protection.
These advantages and protections are part of every Wayflor product. You can count on us to continue to innovate ways to deliver floors as healthy as they are beautiful.

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