Protecting Wayflor’s distinctive depths from the grind of high traffic wear, you’ll find EZ CARE, the most durable and comprehensive coating for textured woven vinyl flooring. Developed by PPG alongside Wayflor, EZ CARE creates a surface that cleans so easily and completely that there’s really no comparison. EZ CARE is Certified by Sanitized and carries the Greenguard Gold Seal.


  1. The proper care and maintenance will extend the lifetime of our flooring products.
  2. To protect the surface of the floor, please do not place any sharp items on the floor.
  3. For chair wheels, we recommend using soft material, such as Polyamide to prevent unnecessary tear or scratches.
  4. For wet cleaning use warm water or gentle detergent cleaners (PH 7-8.5). DO NOT use acetone or polish that will damage the flooring.
  5. 85% of dirt comes from outside/outdoor, and installing a well-functioning entrance system will be helpful to prevent most of dust and dirt.
  6. Our products can be cleaned either manually or in a mechanical way. Frequent cleaning will help extend the lifetime of the products.

stain removal

  •  Coffee, juice, chocolate, creamWarm water with heavy cleaners
  • Blood: Cold water perhaps with ammonia
  • Rust: Light acidic cleaner (PH3-4)
  • Glue (Water based):  Hot water
  • Glue (Solvent based):  Chemically pure petrol
  • Shoe marks:  Dry cloth
  • Chewing gum:  Chewing gum remover or ice spray

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